3 Benefits Of Hiring A Disability Benefits Attorney

If you suddenly find that you are unable to work and are thinking about contacting a social security disability attorney, you may have more than a few questions that you would like answered before picking up the phone or shooting off an email. Being in a situation where you are forced to think about disability benefits is, in the first place, an unfortunate one. But luckily, experienced social security attorneys can make the situation much easier to handle. Keep reading below for just a few of the biggest advantages of hiring an attorney, like those at Attorney John B. Martin Law Offices, to fight for your disability benefits.

Navigating the Bureaucracy

On the one hand, many people who are looking to apply for disability benefits claim that they can handle the process on their own; the reality is, though, that very few are actually capable of successfully navigating the maze that is government bureaucracy. The average applicant quickly finds that everything from deadlines, to acronyms, to the seemingly endless paperwork all seem as though it were designed to be as difficult to navigate as possible. Luckily, an experienced and knowledgeable social security disability attorney can do all of this work for you, relaying important information when it's necessary and letting you take care of everything else in the meantime. 

Spending to Save

Even those who are comfortable with hiring an attorney often fail to do so simply because of assumptions about how much it costs. In fact, attorneys who deal with disability benefits never take money up-front; instead, they work on a contingency fee, meaning they won't ask for any compensation until after you have been awarded some of your own. In the context of how how much more quickly you may receive your benefits with the aid of an attorney, paying a contingency fee may actually save you money when all is said and done.

Presenting Evidence

Perhaps the most crucial part of any social security disability case is the evidence presented by the claimant. Without a substantial amount of credible evidence, there is no possibility that benefits will be awarded. An attorney can be absolutely vital in this regard, helping to procure evidence you may have trouble locating (obscure medical records, for instance) or speaking with witnesses to the event that caused the disability in the first place. Having someone with the relevant expertise find the facts that will bolster your case is perhaps the best reason of all to hire the best attorney you can.