FAQ About Nursing License Defense Attorneys

Most people never find themselves in a position to hire a nursing license defense attorney. This can make hiring an attorney confusing, especially if it is your first time. These are among the most common questions people ask when they think about hiring a nursing license defense attorney.

Can You Appeal Your Case?

If you receive a decision that is unfavorable to you in front of the nursing board, you may wonder if you can appeal the decision. You can do this by hiring a nursing license defense attorney who can help you prove that the disciplinary action was made in error.

Can You Reinstate Your Nursing License?

If your nursing license has been revoked or suspended, you might wonder if you can have your license reinstate. In some cases, you can apply for your license to be reinstated.

Can You Still Nurse If You Have a Criminal Conviction?

Simply because you have a criminal conviction does not mean that your license is automatically suspended or revoked. You may be suspended and ordered to come in for a review, during which you may decide that you want to have a nursing license defense attorney.

What Does a Nursing License Case Look Like?

The process of defending your nursing license involves several steps, beginning with a review of the complaint against you. Investigators will look into the claims and then you will be asked to provide a statement about the incident in question. The board will gather evidence and contact any relevant witnesses.

If the investigation moves forward, you will be asked to come before the board. The board will make a decision about the case, possibly after a full hearing.

What Kinds of Complaints Can Nursing License Defense Attorneys Help With?

Nursing license defense attorneys can help with a variety of complaints, including those related to criminal misconduct, dependence on substances, engaging in inappropriate relationships, and patient abuse. They can also help you with allegations of practicing outside your license's scope and sharing confidential information with others.

Should You Hire a Nursing License Defense Attorney?

First, it is important to understand that you do not have to hire a nursing license defense attorney, but it is certainly wise to do so. An attorney can defend your license and ensure that you are treated fairly regardless of the kind of case you are facing. If you are facing the loss of your license, you should consult with an attorney to discuss your case.

Reach out to a nursing license defense attorney for more information.