Is An Auto Accident Keeping You Up At Night?

If you have been hit and hurt by a careless driver, you can be paid for a number of losses. A loss is any way the other driver caused harm. That might be physical injuries, time missed from work, and more. Read on to find out the part your mental health, the quality of your sleep, and pain and suffering have to do with personal injury compensation.

When Sleep Suffers, Everything Suffers

We all have heard about the importance of getting a good amount of uninterrupted sleep on a regular basis. Sleep provides the brain with that all-important break during which brain functions restore themselves to optimum output. When things get stressful, the need for quality sleep intensifies. Unfortunately, accident victims can find themselves unable to get the sleep they need. They might be troubled by their injuries or they might have to use pain meds to control their discomfort.

All of that can make it hard to sleep. If those issues are not enough, many accident victims suffer from the emotional effects the trauma of the accident brings forth. Along with problems sleeping, many accident victims report having trouble eating, coping with anger, suffering from mood swings, and more. All of these things can be categorized as damages.

How Pain and Suffering and Sleep Loss is Linked to Compensation

The emotional fallout of an accident can be summed up in one term – pain and suffering. The only way accident victims can be compensated for pain and suffering is by taking legal action. The at-fault driver's insurer certainly won't voluntarily pay you for it. And make no mistake about it – pain and suffering is an extremely costly form of damage for the insurer. They hope all accident victims never realize that they are entitled to be paid for this form of damage.

How to Ensure Compensation

If there was to be a single tip on getting paid for pain and suffering, it would simply be to speak to a personal injury lawyer. They know how to negotiate with the insurer for the money you need. Speaking of money, the payment for pain and suffering can be based, in part, on the dollar amount of your medical treatment costs. If you have $100,000 in medical costs, so far, for example, you might be looking at pain and suffering payments of anywhere from $150,000 to over $500,000. Don't delay; speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case. You'll have a better chance of getting the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.