Reasons Why You Need An Aggravated Assault Attorney

A charge such as aggravated assault has a definition deeper than what most people think. Any intentional bodily harm you afflict on someone else constitutes aggravated assault whether you touched the person or not. The charges may also involve serious bodily injury and the use of deadly weapons. If you face such a charge, your best chance in court is to have an aggravated assault lawyer represent you. This article discusses several factors that make an aggravated assault attorney important when facing these charges. 


The first response of the police is to arrest you for the crime. At the station, the police may try and make you confess willingly to the crime. Most of the time, they lure you into a conversation about the events and later use this conversation as evidence of your admission of guilt. Therefore, under no circumstances should you engage the police in a conversation after your arrest. If your attorney is present, the police cannot use false confessions against you in court. You can also assert your right against self-incrimination and refuse to talk until the lawyer arrives. 

Court Appearances

Even if the police drop charges against you, the prosecutors may still need you to make court appearances. If you knew the offender, the victim, or other material facts about the case, prosecutors might request you to appear in court as a witness or in different capacities. Therefore, ensure you have an aggravated assault attorney present. If you cannot appear in court, your attorney can help negotiate with the defense and prosecution. You may also receive a deposition and avoid appearing at the trial. Aggravated assault attorneys also help you squash subpoenas and prevent you from ever testifying. When you appear in court, the lawyer guides you through the entire process and trains you to answer the questions. Lawyers also object to troublesome questions and any irrelevant queries meant to provoke you. 

Deal Offers

Aggravated assault is a criminal case and may end in a plea deal. If you plead guilty to the charges, the prosecution reduces some charges or the sentence. You can also avoid conviction for aggravated assault altogether. The aggravated assault attorney helps negotiate plea deals and gets you the best terms. However, you do not have to accept the plea deal. Some prosecutors lure you into a plea deal if they do not have a strong case against you. Your lawyer analyzes the situation and weighs your options. 

An aggravated assault attorney can helps you during an arrest, court appearances, and plea deals.