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Separating Before Divorce? Be Sure To Make It Legal

The time between a split and the final decree should not be thought of as just a transitional period. The decisions made by a divorcing couple during the separation will influence both parties for years to come. While divorce can impact people in many ways, it's the financial aspect that few couples give proper consideration and attention to. For help understanding the financial importance of a legal separation agreement when you decide to divorce, read on.

How Injury Attorneys Can Help Injured Coal Miners

Working as a coal miner comes with its fair share of potential hazards. However, some hazards shouldn't be present and may have occurred because of negligence. If you're injured in this way as a coal miner, you might consider working with a coal miner injury attorney. They'll help you address this unfortunate situation in the following ways. Show Negligence To have a good shot at coming away with compensation for the injuries you sustained during this coal mine accident, you need to prove negligence occurred.

Should You Speak Or Not Speak When Facing Criminal Charges?

Most people understand that they have the right not to speak if the police question or charge them with a crime, but is not speaking the right thing to do? If you do not answer the questions, does it make you look guilty? If you are facing criminal charges and unsure what to do, you should remain silent. Here are several things to know if you are ever in this situation.

Do You Need A Personal Injury Attorney After An Auto Accident?

Auto accidents occur every day. According to Driver Knowledge, three million people are injured each year in U.S. auto accidents. Among those, two million of the injuries are permanent. These injuries are not just painful and debilitating. They result in missed time at work, costly medical bills, lengthy rehabilitation processes, and can be life-altering. For some people, the injuries are substantial enough that they can never return to the lives they lived before the accident.

What To Expect From The Intestate Process

When a person dies without a will, the common misconception is that the remaining spouse will automatically inherit their estate. However, when a person dies without a will, the state must be involved in the process of allocating assets. The guidelines by which this type of estate is handled are known as intestate laws. Petition to Determine Heirs If you want to claim the assets of someone who has passed without a will you will need to first file a petition with the court so that they can determine who the heirs are.