Workers' Compensation Insurance: Does Fault Matter?

Before workers' compensation insurance came about, workers injured on the job had only one way to seek compensation — personal injury actions. Now, however, workers are expected to use their employer's workers' compensation insurance to cope with medical costs, disability payments, and lump-sum settlements. The issue of fault matters only if the worker chooses one type of benefit over the other. Find out more below.  Suing Your Employer While you can, theoretically, file a lawsuit against your employer, it's not a common way to deal with a workplace injury.

Understanding How Medical Liens Affect Your Personal Injury Case

If you have been hurt in an auto accident through no fault of your own, you may have used your own healthcare insurance to cover your medical bills. It's very important for accident victims to seek medical help after an accident, and it's not uncommon for some victims to show their insurance cards when they are admitted to the emergency room or hospital. If that occurs, it can affect your settlement, and it's vital that victims understand this issue before they agree to settle.

How Will Your Estate Be Divided?

As you consult with an estate lawyer and make plans to ease your loved ones through the process after your death, it might help to have some guidance in making those decisions. Read on to find out more about dividing up your estate and what it will mean for your loved ones. What About Your Spouse? Most states have probate laws that protect the current spouse of the deceased regardless of what might be in the will.

Always Hire A Lawyer When Facing Criminal Charges: Here's Why

A guilty verdict in a criminal offense case has life-altering consequences. Therefore, it is important to ensure you have the right representation to increase your chances of proving your innocence when faced with criminal charges. Self-defense is viable but carries multiple risks. On the other hand, a public defender may be overwhelmed with caseloads; they might not offer the best advice. Here are reasons you should hire a criminal lawyer: