How To Get Justice After Your Car Collides With Another One On A Personal Property

Most drivers have been involved in collisions on the road and know the measures to take when filing compensation claims. However, they would be caught in a dilemma if they were involved in a crash on private property. So it's likely that they would make costly mistakes in such a situation that could make them fail to get enough compensation for their damages. Therefore, it's recommendable to seek legal advice from an auto accident attorney after encountering such an accident. Your attorney will help you understand the claim application process, which includes the following. 

The Measures to Take After the Crash

You should contact the law enforcers immediately after the collision so that they can investigate the crash and create an official claim. Then, get a medical examination in a nearby hospital immediately. Failure to do so can make you fail to get some of the payments you deserve. In addition, you risk suffering complications in the future. After the checkup, contact your lawyer before speaking to insurance representatives. They will tell you what to say to avoid making mistakes that might hurt your claims. 

Your legal advisor may advise you not to negotiate a payment with the insurance agents because you might accept an overly low compensation. Remember that the insurance firm might try to pay you the smallest amount possible to make a huge profit from your claim. Therefore, they'll use different tactics to convince you to accept their offer. Your lawyer will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you don't settle for an amount that may not cover all your damages.

Understand Who the Wrongdoers Are in Your Claim

The party in charge of the building is most likely the primary culprit in a car accident that happens on personal property. For instance, you can take legal action against a property owner when you're involved in a vehicle crash caused by a hazard on their premises. Besides, they can also take the blame simply by owning the building where the accident happened, even if they're not directly linked to the incident.

In addition, the other driver could be responsible for the crash. In this case, your lawyer must thoroughly investigate the accident and determine all the parties responsible for the collision. They may use surveillance footage and the police accident report to determine each party's role in the wreck. That way, they can prove to the insurance firms who the exact culprits are. 

Often, the laws that apply to car crashes on the road differ from those pertaining to collisions on personal properties. Therefore, you may want to contact a car accident lawyer once you encounter a vehicle collision on private property. They will offer you the relevant advice to enable you to take the right legal steps against the wrongdoer.

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