3 Ways You Can Tell When To Hire A Child Custody Attorney

Separation is one of the most complicated journeys for a parent. If you have a child custody battle, you can choose to represent yourself in the court proceedings. However, there are times when wanting the best for your child might not be enough to handle the case all by yourself. You need expertise and only an attorney can help. If you are not on the same page with your partner about what your child's best interests are, it is time to think about hiring a child custody attorney.

What Happens If You Don't Pay Child Support After Divorce?

Divorce is a serious matter, and it can impact your life for years. If you have been ordered to pay child support as part of your divorce, you wonder about the consequences of not paying. Understanding the consequences of not paying your child support can help you determine what steps you should take now. This is what you need to know about divorce, child support, and more. What Could You Be Ordered to Pay?